Climate change

Maisemakuva Helsingistä, synkkiä pilviä yllä

The climate has already changed, and there is no turning back. The extent of the climate change adaptation measures required depends on global emissions, but adapting to the new situation is essential.​

Finland’s climate has warmed by about 2.3°C since the beginning of the 20th century. Right now, warming is advancing at a rapid pace. Higher temperatures intensify the water cycle, giving the atmosphere better conditions for producing extreme weather. ​

Climate change is affecting Finland’s climate profoundly and permanently. Due to the northern location, the climate of Finland will warm up more than average, and the biggest changes will be seen in winter.

By 2030, Finland’s average temperature will rise by about 1.5–2.1°C. If emissions are not reduced, the average temperature in Finland may rise by up to 6°C before the end of the century.