Bicycle traffic

The measures of the Carbon Neutral Helsinki emission reduction programme include reprogramming the bicycle network and target network implementation plan for 2030 and implementing the cycling promotion programme.

Bringing the carbon neutrality target forward has required reviewing the measures recorded in the Carbon Neutral Helsinki Action Plan. With regard to bicycle traffic, the identified emissions reduction potential is 2 per cent, which required doubling the volume of bicycle traffic by 2035. This means that achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 requires, among other measures, doubling the volume of bicycle traffic by 2030. Achieving this requires improving the conditions for bicycle traffic for people of all ages and abilities with a faster schedule, especially by building new bicycle traffic routes sooner than planned.

In addition to improvements to bicycle routes, investments must be made in the maintenance of the routes, arrangements during the construction site stage and communications. This is coordinated by implementing the Bicycle Action Plan 2020–2025, which is guided by the intersectoral monitoring group that meets four times a year.

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