Climate-sustainable Stara

Helsinki City Construction Services Stara cleans and maintains public areas in its own area of responsibility. Stara is also responsible for the cleaning and structural maintenance of the archipelago, sea areas, shores and nature reserves.

The most important measures to mitigate climate change in its own operations are energy optimisation of properties, the use of renewable diesel, the purchase of renewable electricity, the procurement and rental of electrical fleet, and the installation of charging points for electric vehicles. Stara is also responsible for the procurement of electric cars both for its own operations and for other city organisations. Stara’s recycling function, on the other hand, is responsible for the sales of all the depreciation furniture, machinery and equipment of the city’s organisations.

Stara and adaptation

The extreme weather phenomena caused by climate change have a wide-ranging impact on Stara’s operations. Sea level fluctuations, flooding of the Vantaa River, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, extremely cold temperatures, rapid weather changes, storms and drought have increased in recent decades.

Changed weather conditions cause damage to structures, forest damage, increased trace heating of pipes and sewers, increased need for sanding in public areas, as well as increased need for irrigation due to spring drought and during long periods of dry weather.

Floods and heavy rains also often require more robust structures than planned for water management and support of soil layers in case of floods.

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