Strengthening the green structure

Puita vihreällä kumpareella Alppipuistossa.

The best way to adapt to climate change is to increase the green structure. A unique feature of the green structure is its ability to produce several environmental, social and economic side benefits, while at the same time improving our ability to withstand the impacts of climate change.

All green structures have an impact, but large trees in particular absorb and evaporate large amounts of water, which helps in flood protection and binds heat and cools the air.​​

Green efficiency for plots​

Plot-specific green factor tool is a tool for urban planning and yard designers to ensure the level of green efficiency with on private plots. Since 2020, the use of the green factor tool has been required in all new local detailed plans. This means that when the factor is used, the yard plans prepared in connection with the construction must meet the target level of the green factor tool in order to receive a building permit. The target level is achieved by adding a sufficient number of different green structures to the yard plan.

The plot-specific green factor tool is currently being updated to focus primarily on steering the green structure so that is supports climate change adaptation and diversity.​

Building code

The new building code that was approved in May 2023 includes an entry on the achievement of the target level of the plot-specific green factor tool in all plot construction (however, excluding terraced and detached house areas). This means that the yard plans of construction carried out on the basis of previously approved local detailed plans must also meet the target level of the green factor tool, even if there is no provision for it in the local detailed plan.

This provision ensures that the plot construction carried out on the basis of all local detailed plans must achieve the target level of the green factor tool and the green efficiency required by it. ​

Converting parking spaces​

A total of 17 parking spaces in Kamppi, Kallio, Alppiharju and Vallila will be converted into plantings for trees, shrubs and perennial plants. The work was completed in autumn 2023.​