Plans are already being made for a carbon negative city

The City of Helsinki aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, carbon zero by 2040, and thereafter carbon negative. Carbon negativity means that the emissions produced inside the city limits must be lower than its ability to sequester carbon within its geographical borders. Current efforts are not sufficient to achieve the goal.​

Achieving the long-term emission reduction target is not only about emission optimisation, but other planetary boundary conditions and justice perspectives must also be taken into account, as well as the impacts of the selected actions on the preconditions of living in general.​

Achievement of the goals requires significant changes to existing planning methods and operating models. As the set targets are new and ambitious, not all solutions for achieving them are yet known. However, plans for the carbon negative city of the future are already in progress, containing solutions that are made far into the future.

City of Helsinki in the background in the sunset, photo taken from the Suomenlinna ferry.