Metsälä biochar filtration area

Biohiilisuodatusalue valuma-alueella Metsälässä.

The Metsälä biochar filtration area was implemented in 2019 and its location can be seen in the picture below. The size of the catchment area is approximately 20 hectares. The catchment area covers part of the Asesepäntie road and the residential area north of it. In the catchment area in the south, there is a small industrial area, from which oil and other harmful substances have occasionally leaked into the stormwater drainage network and onwards to the Haaganpuro brook. The last significant leak was in 2016, when the fish stock in Haaganpuro was under threat. ​

The trout population of Haaganpuro has been restored through rehabilitation projects, whose vitality is threatened by oil spills and contaminants. The cleaning performance of the solution has been studied and it removes oils, phosphorus and heavy metals from the water well.

Aereal photo of the small industrial area.